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Valves – hero
Straight knives - Foil knife and serrated knife
The picture shows DIENES grooved knives and multiple grooved knife blocks.
Illustration of various circular knives including profiling knives and perforating knives from DIENES.
224 Schndeidsystem DS 8-min
Scherenschnitt Bestseller
Quetschschnitt Range mit MC3
The picture shows the unique knife for narrow cut: DIENES Golden Slit.
Adjusting slide Easy Set
DIENES slitting system with the highly innovative SIMU-FLASH simultaneous knife positioning system.
Knife Holder PSGs DF 50 with depth adjustment Senso Control
Automatic slitting system with SIMU FLASH for crush cut
The picture shows a DIENES slitting system with the DS 8 knife holder with the innovative Senso Control depth adjustment.
TEOC - smart solutions from DIENES
Automatic slitting system with knife holder PSGs-DF from DIENES.
Retrofit: Quality and capacity increase through modernization of the cutting system
You can see the regrinding of an industrial circular knife.
Regrinding service
Service & Analysis at DIENES
DIENES Slitting Academy handover of Certificate.
The DIENES robot Dr. Schneider with long knife and round knife in his hands.

Why work with us?

From high-quality circular and long knives, pneumatic knife holders and fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual slitting systems to service - we are always at your side.
  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.
  • With around 500 employees, we are the partner of choice worldwide.
  • Numerous pioneering patents have set new standards in slitting worldwide.
When it comes to innovation, DIENES is at the forefront, because here innovation comes from tradition.


In the "Discover" section, we give you a little insight into the know-how of our experts. What is important about the different cutting materials? What are the special features of the various cutting processes? And in which machines are our cutting tools used?
  • Slitting materials
  • Slitting methods
  • Machines

The DIENES Success-Stories

Carl Macher 2023

Carl Macher – the next chapter of a successful partnership

Modernization of a Goebel U20 Roller with a fully automatic slitting system from DIENES.

Dienes knife holder PSGs DF 50 Quick Clamp slitting slitting tools Success Story
The success story
Bei Mayr Melnhof modernisierte DIENES erfolgreich einen Querschneider mit der innovativen Spitz auf Spitz Technik.

Mayr-Melnhof Baiersbronn Frischfaser Karton GmbH

Modernization of a Jagenberg sheeter 4 Synchro Board 528 from the year 2000 with a DIENES SIMU FLASH slitting system including twin cut technology.

Frischfaserkarton Jagenberg Mayr Melnhof Querschneider Schneidlabor SIMU FLASH Spitz auf Spitz TEOC
The success story
224 Schndeidsystem DS 8-min

Paper mill Palm GmbH & Co. KG

The company Papierfabrik Palm GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading companies in the European paper industry, the company is active in three business areas. On the one…

Easy Change Paper industry Senso Control Shear cut knife holder Slitting analysis
The success story
carl macher logo

Carl Macher – Success Story

DIENES modernises an old Goebel Roller U16 at Carl Macher Papierhülsen. The upgrade to an automatic cutting system solved the problem of long set-up times and ensures three times longer service life.

Goebel roller Knife adjustment system Retrofit Senso Control Slitting analysis
The success story
    DIENES solar system contributes to CO2 savings of approx. 45 t CO2 per year.
    DIENES Green - Nachhaltigkeit für die Umwelt

    As a family business, we at DIENES think in terms of generations. Sustainability and consideration for our environment and resource consumption are part of our DNA. Even 50 years ago, the waste heat from the hardening shop was reused for heating. In the last 25 years alone, the knife consumption of many customers has at least halved while production volumes have increased. Traditionally, our products can be disposed of or recycled after the end of their service life.

    • CO2 savings of approx. 45 t CO2 per year.
    • Basic heating demand of approx. 290,000 kW/h and at the same time 140,000 kWh of electricity is fed into the grid.
    • At our e-charging stations, you and our employees can charge the battery of your electric vehicle.
    • Sustainability is important to us: The waste heat from the compressed air supply is used directly for heating purposes.
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    The traditional company DIENES

    Focusing on the customer right from the start: The traditional company DIENES was founded by Karl Rudolf Dienes in Remscheid in 1913. And even then, the goal was to adapt the cutting products and developments exactly to the customer’s requirements. This is how he laid the foundation for a globally successful development: the company, which is now in its third generation and is managed by Bernd and Rudolf Supe-Dienes

    is today the world’s leading precision supplier in the fields of knives, knife holders, cutting systems for industrial applications and the innovation partner for plate valves and regulators. From the company headquarters in Overath near Cologne, almost 500 employees are now coordinated in several worldwide locations in Germany, the USA, Asia, Poland and France.

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