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Bar machines

Bar machines are used to cut bars. For example, granola bars, chocolate bars and energy bars, but also other foodstuffs, are shaped into bars. In turn, a form fill and seal machine can be connected to a bar machine, for example, to wrap the bars.


Particularly when it comes to producing food, the requirements in terms of hygiene, quality and precision should not be underestimated. In addition, rejects due to mold defects must be avoided here at all costs. Let our experts advise you and equip your bar machine with the high-quality cutting tools from DIENES.


Depending on the product to be manufactured, one uses different cutting methods and thus different cutting tools. For example, bars made of a soft fruit mass must be processed differently than nut bars or bars with chocolate coating.

For this reason, both slitters and sheeters are used in bar machines. With the help of slitters, the mass can be divided evenly so that the bars are uniformly wide at the end. Cross cutters, on the other hand, are used to ensure that the length of the bars is always the same.

Easy cleaning and maintenance, as well as the simplest and most accurate adjustment of cutting widths and replacement of cutting tools are essential to meet the requirements of food production. With the innovative DIENES solutions, this is no problem!

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Wenn es um Innovationen geht ist DIENES ganz vorne mit dabei, denn hier erfolgt Innovation aus Tradition.

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