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You have almost finished school and are looking forward to starting a successful professional life soon? At our headquarters in Overath, we offer young, motivated people the opportunity to complete an attractive and well-founded vocational training programme with us. In addition to qualified support, you can expect interesting opportunities for promotion and development as well as very good chances of being taken on in our team after you have completed your training. If you are interested in DIENES products and would like to lead our internationally successful company into the future with committed colleagues, we look forward to receiving your application!

Here you can find our current job offers:

  • Machine and plant operator (m/f/d)
  • Warehouse logistics specialist (m/f/d)
  • Industrial clerk (m/f/d)
  • Technical product designer (m/f/d)
  • Machinist – specialisation grinding (m/f/d)

Our apprenticeship profession

Machine and plant operator (m/f/d)

Job title Machine and plant operators
Duration of training 2 years
Field of activity Industry
School qualification Secondary school diploma

Fields of activity

The world continues to develop every day – and has done so particularly quickly in recent years. So it is almost normal that numerous tasks are taken over by machines, because in most productions we would no longer be able to keep up with pure manual work.

As a machine and plant operator, you are the key to these almost vitally important machines all over the world. In this profession, you set up production machines and systems, put them into operation and generally also operate them. And if another innovation is launched on the market, you are also responsible for retrofitting these machines and, of course, maintaining them.

During your two-year training as a machine and plant operator, you will work in our production department, where you will get to know our machines and plants down to the smallest detail.

What you bring with you:

  • Good knowledge of mathematics
  • Talent and patience for accurate work
  • Understanding of the machines
  • Interest in environmental protection, safety and health at work
  • Technical understanding
  • Manual working skills, good eye-hand coordination

Warehouse logistics specialist (m/f/d)

Job title Warehouse logistics specialist
Duration of training 3 years
Field of activity Industry, trade, forwarding companies
School qualification Secondary school diploma

Fields of activity

Warehouse logistics specialists are involved in logistical planning and organisation processes, accept deliveries in goods receipt and check them against the accompanying documents.

The goods are then unpacked, checked and assigned to their destination in the warehouse or department and forwarded with a delivery note statement. The warehouse worker has to sort the goods and store them according to the requirements, according to economic principles and in compliance with the warehouse regulations.

You carry out stock checks, inventories and inventory maintenance measures, pick and pack goods for outgoing shipments according to legal requirements.

They use company information and communication systems, standard software and workplace-specific software.

Communication and cooperation with preceding and following departments are an important part of the professional.

The use of technical foreign language skills and the observance of safety and health protection principles are sometimes part of the work. They support environmental protection and the rational use of energy in quality assurance measures.

What you bring with you:

  • Sense of order and diligence
  • Physical fitness
  • Interest in logistical processes and quality assurance measures
  • Interest in environmental protection, safety and health protection at work

Industrial clerk (m/f/d)

Job title Industrial clerk
Duration of training 3 years (years)
Field of activity Industry, trade, forwarding companies
School qualifications At least advanced technical college entrance qualification

Fields of activity

Industrial clerks work in companies of different sectors and sizes. Their commercial field of activity covers all functions (departments) and processes of a company. In sales, they take care of everything from enquiries to ordering products or services. They are responsible for customer service below, as well as for customer acquisition, customer retention and customer base maintenance in general.

The purchasing department deals with the selection of suppliers according to quantity and quality. They determine the need for products and services via external procurement, purchase materials and means of production. In addition, they take care of the timely delivery.

The work preparation/scheduling department establishes delivery times and takes care of production schedules for the manufacture of the product.

The shipping department takes care of the logistical delivery of the goods to the customer. Whether by air, sea or rolling freight.

In financial accounting, the precise checking and posting of invoices is part of the job. They process business transactions in accounting, evaluate key figures and statistics for performance monitoring and for controlling operational processes.

Finally, the human resources/payroll office takes care of personnel recruitment, as well as personnel selection and deployment. In addition, all personnel-related issues are handled there.

What you bring with you:

  • Inclination towards mathematics, German and English
  • High concentration capacity
  • Sociability
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Customer and service orientation
  • Organisational skills

Technical product designer (m/f/d)

Job title Technical product designer
Duration of training 3,5 years
Field of activity Industry, trade, forwarding companies
School qualifications

Fields of activity

Technical product designers are specialised in CAD programmes. They support the work of engineers by creating and modifying 3D data sets and documentation for components and assemblies based on design and technical specifications.

In doing so, they take into account manufacturing processes and material properties, plan and coordinate workflows and construction processes, and check and assess work results.

When a new product is designed, technical product designers calculate lengths and areas, volume and mass as well as the centre of gravity of the product. To do this, they must have mathematical knowledge and master geometric laws.

Technical product designers design assemblies and individual parts. In order to assess their resilience or flexibility, they need to know their material properties. Basic knowledge of physics and an interest in materials science are therefore advantageous.

Complex CAD software is used in design and development departments. Basic computer skills are therefore helpful. In addition, a presentation is usually created to introduce the product to be developed.

Product designers also learn to calculate the costs for development, production and material of a new product. The ability to work in a team and in a customer-oriented manner is part of the training.

What you bring with you:

  • Good to very good knowledge of mathematics
  • Interest in materials science
  • Creativity and fun in drawing and constructing
  • Diligence and spatial imagination

Machinist – specialisation grinding (m/f/d)

Job title Machinist – specialisation grinding
Duration of training 3,5 years
Field of activity Industry, trade, forwarding companies
School qualifications At least secondary technical school leaving certificate

Fields of activity

In the field of grinding technology, cutting machine operators machine workpieces for machines, devices and systems by cylindrical and surface grinding on conventional or computer-controlled grinding machines.

In doing so, they plan the corresponding production processes, select the necessary abrasives and create programmes for computer-controlled machines.

You set up grinding machines, check the grinding wheels and mount them. They attach jigs, monitor the production process and check and ensure the quality of the workpieces. They also maintain and care for the machines to be operated.

Metal cutting mechanics specialising in grinding technology mainly work in the field of metal processing in foundries and industrial companies, e.g. in companies for machine, plant and apparatus construction, metal products or in companies for vehicle technology. They mainly work in machine shops, workshops or workshops.

What you bring with you:

  • Good knowledge of mathematics
  • Talent and patience for precise work
  • Understanding for the machines
  • Interest in environmental protection, safety and health at work
  • Geometric imagination

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