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Bottom knives

We are happy to offer you individual dimensions in addition to the standard ones.

Outer diameter 105–300 mm
Inner diameter 60–250 mm
Standard thicknesses 15 / 20 / 25 mm
Standard cutting angle
A DIENES bottom knife.

Bottom knives from DIENES

DIENES is the world’s leading precision supplier of industrial circular knives, knife holders and slitting systems. Of course, bottom knives are also part of the product portfolio.

Use of bottom knives

The different types of bottom knife are suitable for different applications. Feel free to contact our experts and let them advise you which one will bring the optimal results in your case.

  • Smooth bore and cutting edge on both sides (type UN-BS)
  • Smooth bore and carbide cutting edge on both sides (UN-BS-HM)
  • Smooth bore and carbide cutting edge on one side (UN-ES-HM)

Depending on the type of bottom knife, other factors must also be taken into account in the cutting process. For cylindrical and T-bottom knives, for example, a clearance angle is advantageous in order to obtain optimum cutting results in use. Our bottom knives also include pot knives with a cutting edge on both sides.

Tool-free knife change of bottom knives

Your advantages

  • Highest cutting performance due to optimised surface quality
  • Exact manufacturing tolerances
  • For use at high cutting speeds
  • A wide variety of bore pitch circles for mounting on lower knife motors
  • Versions with one-sided and double-sided cutting edge arrangement
  • Can be used for a wide range of machine types
  • Regrindable in manufacturer quality

Standard dimensions

Outer-Ø (d1) mm Inner-Ø (d2) mm
60 / 80 / 90 105
130 90 / 100
150 120
180 150
200 138 / 144 / 150
240 140 / 188
250 140 / 188
300 250

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Incorrect positioning of the knife holder and incorrect stroke sequence can cause particles to detach from the top or bottom knife at high cutting speeds. It can also happen that the carbide ring separates from the knife holder of the bottom knife, loosens or is damaged. To minimize this danger, DIENES has developed bottom knives with safety catch grooves.  In the event of a wandering movement, the top knife is caught in this groove. Thus, no damage or breakage of the bottom knife is possible anymore. Secure this savings potential for yourself.

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