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We are happy to offer you individual dimensions in addition to the standard ones.

Outer diameter 62–150 mm
Inner diameter 25–100 mm
Knife seat 40–120 mm
Standard thickness 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 mm
Areas of application Paper, cardboard, paperboard / labels, adhesive tape / carbon, aluminum foil, non-ferrous metals / film, foil, plastic / nonwoven, textile, special materials
Shear cut pair of knives (collars) with knife carriers.

Collars from DIENES

DIENES is the world’s leading precision supplier of knives, circular knives, knife holders and slitting systems. Thanks to our permanent development, state-of-the-art manufacturing and comprehensive quality controls, we guarantee lasting performance and minimal tolerances, thus enabling perfect cutting edges. In the field of knife holder technology, including collars, DIENES offers a wide range of designs with different types of locking. The following collar types have established themselves in the market: Type FN are collars with smooth bore, under type FG run collars with eccentric locking, type FS are those with screw locking and type FR are those with clamping ring. Each type of locking brings its advantages depending on the application and contributes to a quick and easy cutting width adjustment.

Use of collars

Of all the longitudinal cutting methods, the circular knife cut is the most widespread. The associated cutting machines each have an upper and lower cutterhead, on which the cutting tools were fixed. On the upper shaft such a knife holder is called a collar. This consists of a knife holder and spring washer, a spiral or disc spring and the actual utopm knife blade, which can be changed relatively quickly. The lower knife shaft is usually equipped with grooved knives and, if necessary, spacers of the same diameter.

Fully automatic collar – grooved knife cutting system

Different locking procedures

Depending on the respective machine concept and, of course, the minimum cutting width to be achieved, different types of lockings can be considered.

  • Depending on the cutting width, collars with smooth bore type FN are mounted on the slitter shaft with spacers and axially clamped. By dispensing with individual locking, the smallest cutting widths from 3mm (standard 5mm) can be implemented. Without collars, however, even cutting widths from 0.5mm can be realized. Learn more about our patented Golden Slit knives.

  • In the case of collars with individual locking, there is maximum flexibility and no axial clamping on the slitter shaft is necessary. Single locking is recommended from 6.35 mm (standard from 10 mm). The market distinguishes between three common types:

    • Type FG is a locking device with eccentric ring. Tightening and loosening is performed with the aid of a suitable assembly tool, which is available from DIENES.

    • Type FS stands for a screw fixing. Here, the single screw presses on the shaft. Fixing and loosening is possible with a screwdriver or a standard Allen key.

    • Type FR is a locking device with a clamping ring. This type is also known as ‘multilocking’. The screw with semicircular ring allows a more uniform distribution of pressure on the shaft during tightening.

Advantages of individual lockings

  • Cutting tools can be adjusted to any desired cutting position
  • No need fot cutting rings for adjusting the sleeves
  • Fast cutting width adjustment reduces downtime during programme changes


Type FN (smooth bore), FG (eccentric locking), FS (screw locking), FR (clamping ring)

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All over the world you can find slitter rewinders equipped with the shear cutting systems. These cutting machines have a cutter shaft at the top and bottom, on which the cutting tools are fixed with three possible locking methods. On the upper shaft, such a knife is called a collar. The knives on the lower shaft, on the other hand, are called grooved knives.

DIENES is Germany’s Innovation leader

Many patents from DIENES have set new standards worldwide in the field of cutting. With a lot of know-how, the “inventor company” is constantly developing groundbreaking techniques and products for you. The FAZ Institute has examined the innovation activities of 150,000 companies and research institutions and awarded us the title of “Germany’s innovation leader” in the cutting category.