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Knife holder DS 4

Technical data

Slit width from 19 mm (nested) from 22 mm (not nested)
Knife diameter 105-130 mm
Web speed up to 1200 m/min
The DS 4 is one of the high-tech knife holders from DIENES and is suitable for many applications.

Hightech Knife holder from DIENES

As the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial cutting technology, also knife holder DS 4 is based on our decades of experience and know-how from over 500,000 blade holders produced. Despite its compact dimensions, the DS 4 offers unrivalled stability. This is due to the unique DIENES honeycomb structure, which allows for a vibration-reducing construction of the holder housing. The result: extreme durability and maximum precision even with small cutting widths from 22 mm and in the nested version even from 19 mm.

The DS 4 is the elite version of the PSGm 19 DF. They differ in their equipment. On the one hand, a better hose guide on the cutter head was developed for the DS 4, which allows the cutter head to be changed from left to right. In contrast to the PSGm 19 DF, the DS 4 is largely rust-free (corrosion-protected surfaces).

The DS 4 knife holder offers the following additional functions

Cutting quality

Use of the knife holder DS 4

With the DS 4 knife holder, DIENES sets new standards for narrow cutting widths. The knife holder has intuitive, manual operation and, thanks to its low-vibration design, impresses with its extreme stability – even with a cutting width from 19 mm and speeds of up to 1,200 m/min.

Whether paper, film, nonwoven or non-ferrous metal foil – the quick-change head of the DS 4 can be used variably and conveniently for both infeed directions. Optionally, razor blade and crush cutter heads can also be used. Another advantage: The unique cutting pressure adjustment ensures a balanced distribution of force and guarantees an even cut. The DS 4 also sets standards with its high-quality ball bearing guide elements, which ensure low friction values thanks to the tightest tolerances. In addition, the knife holder has a patented adjustment slide that allows exact reproducibility of the holder positioning. Shear angle adjustment is possible via a plate on the holder. The DS 4 cutter head has a 360° hand guard and can be removed and reinserted in a time-saving and maintenance-friendly manner.

The completely manual operation of the DS 4 is user-friendly, and its double-sided application makes it very flexible in daily use. In addition, thanks to its compact design, the knife holder is very compatible and can therefore be retrofitted into almost all slitting systems without any problems and is therefore also ideally suited for the modernisation of existing systems.

Contact our experts and let them convince you of the unique quality of DS 4.

Comparison DS 4 and PSGM 19 DF

DS 4 PSGm 19 DF
Stainless construction YES NO
Storage vertical stroke Ball guide bush Sliding guidance
Knife head alignment right / left interchangeable YES NO
360° Safety hand guard YES NO
Knife head design dished knife Ø 105 mm feathered YES YES
Top knife Ø 105 mm rigid YES YES
Top knife Ø 130 mm feathered YES (special design) NO

Your advantages

  • High economic, efficiency very flexible to use, high compatibility and extremely durable due to robust design
  • Extreme stability due to the DIENES honeycomb structure even with cutting widths from 19 mm, long guide bodies
  • Quick change head
  • Unique cutting pressure adjustment due to balanced force distribution
  • Optional attachments can be retrofitted
  • Depth adjustment with simple and intuitive operation

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The PSGm 19 DF

The PSGm 19 DF is the counterpart to our DS 4 and is the lower-priced Eco variant that has fewer extras, but is just as convincing in use.

Knife lubrication with the lubrication felt

The DS 4 knife holder can also be optionally equipped with the DIENES lubrication felt. Find out more here why knife lubrication makes sense and which knife lubrication options you have.