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Knife holder PSA DF

Technical data

Slit width from 50 mm
Knife diameter 150 mm
Web speed up to 1200 m/min
The knife holder PSA DF has been developed for shear cutting and enables the greatest possible stability despite its small width.

Shear cut knife holder from DIENES

The knife holder PSA DF is one of our bestsellers. The version of the PSGs DF is also called Eco version. With this type of shear cut knife holder, the demand for a small construction width from 50 mm with the greatest possible stability, even at high cutting speeds, is met. This is made possible by the backlash-free, vibration-damping vertical and horizontal guide systems.

The knife holder PSA DF offers the following additional functions

Use of the knife holder PSA DF

Compared to purely mechanical solutions, this knife holder enables significantly increased productivity with reduced service costs. As a specialist, the PSA DF delivers optimum cutting results, especially when processing nonwoven and textile.

Special versions, options and features available on request.

Your advantages

  • Reproducible knife setting forces that can be adapted to the cutting material
  • Optimum cutting edge quality even with difficult cutting material and high speeds
  • Increase in knife service life due to backlash-free, vibration-damping guide system
  • Double guidance ensures high stability
  • Maximum flexibility due to narrow construction width

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