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Knife holder PSG DF CSL PM

Technical data

Cutting width greater than 150 mm
Knife diameter 180-220 mm
Web speed up to 2000 m/min
The front and back of the DIENES knife holder PSG DF CSL PM are shown.

Shear cut knife holder from DIENES

The knife holder type PSG DF is one of the most versatile from DIENES. It is available in different versions and is therefore suitable for use with a wide range of cutting materials. The knife holder PSG DF CSL PM is equipped with CSL technology, motor-driven knife and electric motor depth adjustment. This is only one possible design of the PSG DF.

The PSG DF CSL PM knife holder offers the following additional functions

Operating comfort

Use of the knife holder PSG DF CSL PM

This version of the PSG DF is suitable for cutting film, foil, and plastic as well as paper, cardboard, carton, and print. However, he is also suitable for solid solid plastics such as polycarbonate. This version also features the 360° safety hand guard, which takes safety in your production to a new level.

Let our experts advise you which knife holder design provides the optimum cutting results in your application.

Your Advantages

  • Elimination of slippage thanks to motor-driven knife
  • High precision cutting edges
  • Precise regulation of the ratios of top and bottom knife and fabric web speed
  • Increased knife life
  • Shortened set-up times for format changes
  • Increased safety due to fewer knife changes
  • Automatic depth adjustment

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Knife holders that have this technology control, regulate and reproduce the cutting forces between top and bottom knives very precisely. The resulting reduction of the contact force ensures a stable cutting point and a constant cutting edge quality. Clearly, a significant increase in tool life is also the result.

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