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Knife holder PSGm 25 DF

Technical data

Slit width from 25 mm
Knife diameter 130 mm
Web speed up to 1000 m/min
The PSGm 25 DF knife holder ensures the greatest possible stability while maintaining the minimum cutting width of 25 mm thanks to the low-backlash vertical double guide.

Shear cut knife holder from DIENES

This knife holder has proven itself through its optimal cutting quality even with critical material to be cut, and the drastic reduction of downtimes through the quick-change head system. The PSGm 25 DF knife holder ensures the greatest possible stability while maintaining the minimum cutting width of 25 mm thanks to the backlash-free vertical double guide. The operating comfort is significantly increased by the precise depth adjustment and the quick-change mechanism when changing knives.

The PSGm 25 DF knife holder offers the following additional functions

Cutting quality

Use of the the knife holder PSGm 25 DF

DIENES presents the PSG Mini 25 DF shear cut knife holder, developed for use in form fill and seal machines. It is also excellent for cutting cigarette paper and other paper materials, tape and labels, and also plastic films.

Depending on the material to be cut and the application, different additional functions make sense. Our cutting experts know their stuff and will advise you individually. We would also be happy to welcome you to our cutting laboratory and take a close look at your cutting edges together with you. In this way, we can quickly determine which blade holder version is right for you.

Your advantages

  • Reproducible knife setting forces that can be adapted to the cutting material
  • Increase in knife service life due to backlash-free, vibration-damping guide system
  • Double guidance ensures high stability
  • Reduction of set-up times due to quick-change head system
  • Optional features can be retrofitted
  • The two-part holder design, holder base body with various adapter types, allow universal applicability in existing machine systems
  • Shear angle adjustment via eccentric without exchange of shear angle plates to achieve best cutting results

That might also be of your interest

Our adapter versions

We offer various adapters in order to be able to offer the retrofitting of our knife holders in existing machines. For example, we have an adapter especially for Tidland machines in our range and also offer the innovative knife adapter with rotating linear guide.

Simple and precise knife holder adjustment

With our patented Easy Set adjustment slider, you only need one handle to bring the knife holder into the correct position. Find out about the advantages and how to use this additional function available for the PSGm 25 DF.