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Slitting systems

Automatic slitting system with knife holder PSGs-DF from DIENES.

Slitting systems for new plants and modernizations

DIENES flexibility and sense of problem solving is evident in our modular system. Our cutting systems are tailored exactly to your needs. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the installation situation and the budget, we easily retrofit existing machines such as cross cutters and winders. We make either use of our modular design or integrate the modules from the outset as a building block in the planned machine. Depending on the scope of delivery and degree of automation, DIENES limits the downtime due to conversion work to a maximum of one to two days, after which new dimensions can be tackled in terms of capacity and quality.

Of course, there is also the possibility of purchasing a complete cutting station from DIENES plants. This cutting station can be integrated into your existing production facility in the form of a turnkey system after technical consultation. In the area of cutting devices or positioning devices, there is a choice from manually operated devices to fully automatic cutting devices in modular design. These cutting and positioning modules are characterized by simple operation with optimum economic efficiency.

The use of the complete units is simulated by the DIENES software and is of course available for all common interfaces and bus systems.

Our slitting systems

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Slitting tests are the key to success

As a matter of principle, all decisive parameters are meticulously taken as a basis for the projection and construction of slitting systems at DIENES. The pre-determination is made on the basis of internal slitting tests and the results of already installed systems. The fine tuning of a system, however, takes place on site, i.e. the determination of the vertical and horizontal pressure, the knife overlap and the knife lead.

Pioneering patents

In addition to our numerous products, we develop individual solutions and thus constantly create new innovations on the market. We have more than 200 patents, making us the world’s leading manufacturer and full-range supplier.  This is the only way to bring our nationally and internationally successful customers further and further ahead in the market.

Which depth adjustment suits me?

The depth of overlap of the top and bottom knives is one of the important cutting parameters. For the adjustment of the overlap depth, there are different technical solutions for shear cut knife holders, which differ in their precision, complexity and user-friendliness.