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Cutting sticks

The picture shows cutting sticks from DIENES.

Cutting sticks from DIENES

Cutting sticks that are precisely matched to the knife designs are, of course, also part of the DIENES quality programme. For the paper knives, we recommend these in various qualities that protect the cutting edge and optimise the service life of the knives.

Use of cutting sticks

Cutting sticks protect knife edges and optimize the service life of your knives. The different designs are exactly matched to the knife qualities and are available in the colors red, gray, white and yellow. The colors provide information about properties and areas of application:

Red: Normal use

Gray: Used for high performance knives, especially for carbide tipped knives.

White/yellow: Used for long runs, especially with three-knife machines, regardless of the knife qualities. These enable a particularly long service life to be achieved.

Your advantages

  • Protect the knife edges
  • Environmentally friendly material, exclusively from Europe
  • For all paper cutting machines
  • Individual tool design
  • Professional materials and process consulting
  • All tools are usually regrindable or reworkable

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DIENES Quality

We rely on constant quality control and accurate testing of the materials we use. This is how we guarantee the high quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.