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Reed valves for standard applications

DIENES reed valves are characterized by their simple design. This circumstance contributes particularly to the increase of the operational safety and thus to the reduction of the failure susceptibility. In addition to the standard versions of the reed valves, we can also manufacture any special version if required.

The figure shows a DIENES reed valve type CAD.
  • For air compressors

    For air compressors

    The DIENES reed valves with the advanced position assurance have significant advantages. The new design, which enables precise assembly without auxiliary tools, can also be used for large valves with multiple reeds.

    The usual position locking by pins is no longer necessary due to special forming processes. As an assembly with the associated reeds, dimensionally accurate cams attached to valve catchers ensure precise alignment with the valve seat.

    Suction tongues clamped at one end are held in the rest position by a spring at the clamping point, while pressure tongues clamped at two ends are held in place by elastically fastened lift catchers.
    Used in oil-lubricated compressors, especially where there is a risk of liquid hammer due to oil or pumped liquid condensate.

    DIENES reed valves are designed for use in oil-lubricated and dry-running compressors. They are completely frictionless as no sliding parts are used.

  • For air or gas

    For air or gas

    The reed valve design is particularly advantageous for multi-cylinder machines.
    By mounting several valve units on one base plate, the cylinder distance can be reduced to a minimum.
    This is particularly advantageous in the compact block design of V or W compressors.


  • For cold applications

    For cold applications

    (semi-hermetic or open)

    DIENES low-loss valves have been developed for compressors with high compression ratios, such as refrigeration machines. Optimum utilization of the installation space, as well as low-loss flow guidance, guarantee not only favorable performance values, but also excellent efficiencies.

    To avoid damage to the compressor caused by oil or condensate accumulation, the pressure parts of the low-damage-space design are elastically arranged to be able to yield in case of overpressure.

  • For vacuum pumps

    For vacuum pumps

    State-of-the-art manufacturing technology allows not only the production of apertures for fixing the position, but also an additional clamping effect for securing the tongue.

    Different basic types, in which the described position and loss securing devices are used, form a modular system that enables cost-effective use in a wide variety of designs.

This picture shows a DIENES reed valve.
This sketch shows how the pressure side system of the valve works.
System representation print side
This sketch shows  how the suction side system works.
System view suction side

DIENES reed valves

Small compressors are operated at high speed. DIENES reed valves are specially designed for these compressors – both for air supply and for refrigerant compression. Due to the aerodynamically favorable shape and design of the flow channels as well as extremely small damage spaces, excellent performance values can be achieved with reed valves. Due to the thin, low-mass valve plates, low-noise operation and excellent running time are achieved even at the highest speeds.

The external shape and the connecting holes for cylinder head bolts and gas ducts can be adapted to the existing installation conditions, if necessary.

Reed valves for air-cooled compressors can be provided with cooling fins for better heat dissipation. This allows the base plate to blend harmoniously into the compressor design.

Great attention is paid to the design, material and manufacture of the most essential components of the reed valve, the actual valve plates. Only the use of high-quality materials, good stress distribution and the application of special manufacturing processes ensure that these parts function perfectly. This is achieved by thorough and continuous inspection of both the semi-finished products supplied and the parts manufactured at all stages of production up to delivery to the customer.

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