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Service and development

An all-round service for satisfied customers is part and parcel of DIENES. And not only for our industrial cutting tools, but of course also for our valves.

The picture shows old valves that were restored to a high quality condition by service and development at DIENES.

Our all-round service

Various valve optimization tools are available to improve performance and cost-effectiveness. For example, strength and flow analyses or computer simulations can provide crucial insights to optimize your production process.

The following points are included in our service offered to OEMs:

  • 3D CAD valve configuration
  • Strength analysis
  • Flow analysis
  • Computer-Simulation
  • Repair

These are used both for new developments and for compressor optimization during the repair of valve components.

  • 3D CAD valve configuration

    3D CAD valve configuration

    The development of all customer-specific DIENES valve designs is carried out using modern 3D CAD software.
    Special emphasis is placed on the involvement of the customer in the cooperation.

    According to the CAD system of the customer, a constant exchange of native CAD data takes place in the project planning in order to achieve maximum quality and functionality.

    Preferred CAD formats:

    • SolidWorks
    • .STEP
    • .IGES
    • ._XT
    • .DXF
    • .DWG
  • FEM strength analysis

    FEM strength analysis

    To ensure the required component strength and fatigue strength, a strength analysis is performed on loaded assemblies using the FEM system.
    This is based on the corresponding static and dynamic loads determined in the project planning.

  • CFM flow analysis

    CFM flow analysis

    On a case-by-case basis, a flow analysis can be carried out for optimization to improve performance.
    This is done on a case-by-case basis, either in-house or with external partners, depending on the complexity.

  • Computer Simulation

    Computer Simulation

    Valve optimization and modification by process analysis and recalculation with own simulation software

    Since the valve in the compressor has a significant influence on performance, operational reliability and noise development, DIENES carries out a thorough calculation of the cycle and the valve plate movement.

    Since a clean movement of the valve plate in this oscillating system also influences reliability and service life, the simulation is based on internal valve data and process and machine data to be provided by the customer.

    The required data can be collected in the corresponding questionnaires.

  • Repair


    We offer maintenance and repair of working valves in the manufacturer’s factory.

    Repair – due to the durability of our products, repair is often possible to as-new condition.

    All repairs, including those of third-party valves, are carried out according to our strict quality guidelines.
    The scope of each repair is determined in consultation with the customer.

    This service is intended for OEM customers.

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