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Trainings and seminars - Fit for Slit

Ein Einblick in die DIENES Schneidakademie

Trainings and seminars

Optimize your processes: With first-hand know-how

The professional operation and maintenance of cutting systems is an essential success factor for more safety and efficiency in production. That is why we have established “Training and Seminars” within the DIENES Slitting Academy. We train and coach your employees intensively and individually in theory and practice of modern cutting techniques. Either in our DIENES Slitting Academy in Overath or, on request, on your premises. Our experts will be happy to put together a customized training program for you. Benefit from the know-how and experience of the market leader for industrial cutting solutions.

Your benefits

  • Increase in operational safety
  • Better cost control
  • Minimization of your setup times
  • Additional motivation for your employees
  • Higher productivity and efficiency
  • Increase in the level of quality
  • Optimal framework conditions for production

Trainings and seminars for every level

Basic Training

  • Set up knife holder and cutting systems
  • Set parameters
  • Start production

Advanced Training

  • Perform optimizations
  • Analyze cut quality
  • Everything about safe operation

Professional maintenance

We also offer training courses on the maintenance of your machines. Here we pay special attention to:


  • Recognize maintenance requirements
  • Economical planning of operating materials
  • Carry out maintenance professionally
  • Measuring and adjusting
  • Stock wear parts and store them correctly


  • Analyze malfunctions
  • Determine causes quickly
  • Remedy malfunctions

More training offers

In addition to training in proper machine maintenance, we also focus on machine setup and operation, cutting techniques, and process optimization

Together with you, we will gladly put together a suitable training program and, after a general introduction, focus on the topics that are most important to you.


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Seminar dates

Shear & Crush Cut – Solutions for Practice

Date Location
08/06/2021 Online
26/10/2021 Online

Shear & Crush Cut – Solutions for Practice

Date Location
18/11/2021 Online
14/12/2021 Online
Die Übergabe eines Zertifikats im Rahmen von Schulungen und Seminare bei der DIENES Schneidakademie in Overath.
Here, the many years of experience around the topic of cutting is simply noticeable. The practical application tips have helped us enormously.
Participant, Expert Training

More offers from our cutting academy

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Regrinding service

For optimum cutting results, DIENES knives must also be reground regularly, despite their long service life. However, the importance of resharpening is mostly underestimated. Our regrinding service ensures that you achieve a high cutting quality even after longer use of your knives.

Quality from DIENES

How can you actually recognize a good knife? And what significance does the quality of a knife have for the end result? We would like to convince you not only in practice with our quality, but also in theory.