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Valves for refrigerant

Operational reliability and maximum performance are the main requirements placed on valves for refrigeration machines. DIENES valves guarantee this by selecting the most suitable material qualities, appropriate dimensioning of the valve strokes as well as the lowest flow resistances and small damage spaces. The valves are available with and without capacity regulation.

  • Low-damage valves

    Low-damage valves

    Low-damage valves for refrigeration systems, e.g. for industrial refrigeration or air-conditioning systems, concentric valves (with control in some cases). The external shape of the valves for DC compressors is adapted to the special installation conditions. Depending on the operating conditions, the valves are provided with individual rings or slotted plates. Multi-layer plate springs ensure effective impact damping, resulting not only in quieter air but also in increased operating reliability.

    In the case of counterflow compressors, the suction valve seat is often incorporated in the cylinder liner to ensure function as well as mating. We recommend that the valves be purchased complete, i.e. including the liner. The quality of the cylinder bore complies with the respective regulations.

    Special features:

    • Designed for compressors with high compression ratios, such as chillers
    • Optimum utilization of the installation space
    • Low-loss flow guidance
    • Guarantee favorable performance values and excellent efficiencies
    • Valve and performance optimization by computer simulation as a service for our customers
  • Tongue valves for semi-hermetic air conditioners

    Tongue valves for semi-hermetic air conditioners

    Small refrigeration compressors – especially encapsulated units – require absolutely trouble-free valves. Therefore, the valve plates as essential components require the best suitable materials as well as extensive experience in manufacturing. All common shapes and sizes are available.

    The compressor capacity can be throttled by lifting off the suction valve plates. This is done either hydraulically or pneumatically by means of grippers or cams.

  •  Tongues and blades according to customer specifications

    Tongues and blades according to customer specifications

    If integration of valve components into the customer’s compressor assembly (OEM) is required, adapted components are also available according to customer specifications.

    These can be subassemblies, individual valve parts or functional assemblies.

Performance optimization through maintenance and repair

The performance and efficiency of valves can be improved and optimized with various tools. For OEM customers as well as for new developments and compressor optimizations, we offer a comprehensive service for this purpose.


Mit Hilfe einer Computer Simulation kann bei DIENES eine Ventilberechnung durchgeführt werden, die zur Ventil-Optimierung beiträgt. Hier sind zwei Grafiken einer Strömungsanalyse zu sehen, die bei DIENES zur Ventil-Optimierung durchgeführt wird.

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