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  • Image Brochure3 MB

    Information about DIENES and DIENES services.

  • Brochure knife holders 2 MB

    World Class Slitting – Worldwide.

  • Brochure Straight Knives321 KB

    DIENES straight knives are the result of many years of experience in the optimising of slitting processes for different types of materials.

  • price list Straight knives23 MB

    Our price list for paper cutting knives.

  • Brochure Circular knives1 MB

    Whether from steel, powder metallurgical steel (DPM), tungsten carbide, special materials or finished.

  • Broschure knife programme648 KB

    DIENES knives overview.

  • Brochure slitting systems 2 MB

    Slitting systems – efficient and trouble free production.

  • Brochure DS43 MB

    The DIENES knife holder DS 4 makes it possible to realize small cutting widths with high stability. The innovative honeycumb structure makes it possible.

  • Brochure DS62 MB

    The DIENES DS 6 Knife Holder.

  • Data sheet DS6 SLITstream123 KB

    The DIENES knife holder DS 6 sets new standards and is optimally complemented by the extraction solution SLITstream.

  • Brochure DS82 MB

    The DIENES DS 8 Knife Holder.

  • Data sheet Knife Box156 KB

    The new transport and storage box from DIENES. The innovative transport and storage box from DIENES protects your knives from damaging effects and also the environment and the ressources.

  • Data Sheet Regrinding Service179 KB

    For circular, straight and rotary shear knives.

  • Data sheet SIMU-FLASH509 KB

    The simultaneous positioning system supplied by DIENES.

  • Data Sheet Cutting Edges537 KB

    With patented innovations from the specialist DIENES. Three tips for the perfect cut. Learn more about the safe and easy positioning with Easy Set, Constant Side Load and the knife overlap adjustment with Depth-Control.

  • Data Sheet Aluminium405 KB

    Overview DIENES products aluminium industry.

  • Data sheet Carbon1 MB

    DIENES products for cutting e. g. CRP, CFRP and other composites.

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