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105 - 130 mm

Ein Beispiel für das Schneidmaterial Composites.

Slitting materials

The different slitting materials have different requirements and should always be processed with suitable tools. Here you can filter by the different cutting materials, learn what is important and with which DIENES products you can process the materials most effectively and with the highest quality.

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Ein Schneidsystem das in dem Schneidverfahren Spitz auf Spitz schneidet.

Slitting method

In addition to different materials that can be cut, there are also different ways to perform the slitting process. The individual slitting processes are suitable differently depending on the material and bring different advantages. Here you can find out which slitting process you can use to achieve the best results for your product.

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Dieses Bild zeigt eine Schlauhbeutelmaschine, die mit DIENES Quetschmesserhaltern bestückt ist.


The use of machines can make the cutting and processing of materials not only more efficient and easier, but also increase the quality of the final product. Depending on the material and the goal, different machines are best suited. Find out here which DIENES products are particularly recommended for which purposes.

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Zu sehen ist der Neuenkamp Standort in Hückeswagen.
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