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In order to successfully implement groundbreaking inventions and trend-setting developments on the market in the world of cutting, you have to say goodbye to one thing right away, and that is decisions that start with the sentence: "But we have always done it that way". By tradition, the DIENES Group does things differently and has thus become the benchmark for quality in modern, industrial cutting technology. We promote and challenge talents who "thinks DIENES". In order to continue to support our customers with exceptional know-how and holistic services, we are constantly expanding our team with new motivated colleagues who complement DIENES with specialist knowledge, commitment and a wealth of ideas.

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For over 100 years, our high-performance family business has thrived on the commitment, know-how and innovative strength of our employees. Meanwhile, about 500 people worldwide give their best for our customers and the company every day and let DIENES grow continuously internationally. To continue this success in the future, we are always looking for new motivated colleagues who can identify with our philosophy of commitment, our eye for precision, our will to innovate and our closeness to the customer. An attractive working environment as well as attractive development and training opportunities are a matter of course with us.

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Join us in ensuring that DIENES remains the partner of choice worldwide for knives, knife holders, cutting systems and valves for industrial applications. We offer various entry points, such as interesting internships and sound apprenticeships. Are you already firmly established in your professional life? Of course, we also offer permanent positions with attractive development opportunities.

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DIENES is the world’s leading manufacturer and full-range supplier of industrial cutting tools and solution-oriented slitting systems. And that has its good reasons. Ten, to be precise, that keep our customers moving forward.

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