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Adjusting slide Easy Set

Adjusting slide Easy Set

Knife positioning with patented adjusting slide Easy Set

Finally, there is a simple knife adjustment feature that does not require a large investment and achieves immediate savings for every machine operator. One handle and the swiveling slider Easy Set allows precise cutting width adjustment within seconds.

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Use of Easy Set

In particular, the use of shear cut knife holders with integrated linear guides ensures optimum ease of operation and precise cutting width adjustment in seconds.

Your advantages

  • Higher safety
  • Considerable minimization of set-up time
  • Simple knife adjustment in seconds
  • Exact cut settings
  • Longer durability of the knives due to reproducible contact forces
  • Avoidance of knife damage during the setting process (no contact between top and bottom knives)

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The innovative pneumatic shear blade holders of the DS and PSG series are the result of over 100 years of experience and innovative thinking at DIENES. Now they are also available with the latest LED depth adjustment Senso Plus.

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