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Golden Slit

The patented, self-springing Golden Slit top knives provide a spring effect and allow minimum cutting widths from 0.5 mm

The picture shows the patented Golden Slit knife for narrow cutting.

Self-springing upper knives

World debut: The patented, self-springing Golden Slit knives have been specially developed for narrow cutting. The novel slits in the knife provide a unique spring effect. The innovative finishing reduces cutting dust, increases service life and thus saves costs.

Application of Golden Slit Knives

The patented, self-springing top knives offer a spring effect due to the novel slits in the knife, which compensate tolerances and cutting-critical vibrations to the greatest possible extent. The additional coatings “Longlife” and/or “ASO” are anti-dust surfaces that increase the service life and significantly reduce dust generation. The narrowest cutting widths can be realized by combining top knives and intermediate rings.

DIENES narrow-cut knives allow cutting of the smallest cutting widths from 0.5 mm, such as tear tapes, security strips of banknotes and indicators.

The drawing illustrates how the knives work and shows how narrow the cutting widths can be.

Your advantages

  • Compensation of cutting-critical vibrations through self-spring effect
  • Reduction of the variety of parts
  • Realization of minimum cutting widths from 0.5 mm
  • Can be used for a wide range of machine types
  • Reduction of cutting dust due to special surface finishing
  • Long service life
  • Completely replaceable cutter
  • Exact manufacturing tolerances
  • DIENES precision grinding „CONTROLLEUR“
  • Regrindable in manufacturer quality
The picture shows the innovative Golden Slit knife in close-up.

Golden Slit in use

This picture shows a cutting system equipped with the innovative Golden Slit knives for particularly narrow cutting widths.
Older cutting system with Golden Slit knives from DIENES.
This picture shows a more detailed close-up of the Golden Slit knives in a cutting system.

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