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Products for rotary compressors (oil-free compressing)

Dry-compressing screw compressor stages for the generation of completely oil-free compressed air require a different control method from oil-flooded or water-injected screw compressor stages. Here, safety mechanisms must be installed in addition to the load/no-load control. During no-load operation, sufficient bypass air volume must be guaranteed for internal stage cooling, and the compressed air must be relieved of atmospheric pressure to prevent overheating of the compressor stage due to an impermissibly high internal compression ratio.

  • Suction regulator KP4

    Suction regulator KP4

    One such control device is the DIENES intake regulator KP4

    Special features of the KP4 controller:

    • Safe control by means of lubricating oil pressure, load switching of the compressor unit without sufficient bearing lubrication is impossible.
    • Simple adjustment of the bypass cross-section at the mechanical forced coupling between the load position of the control element and the relief point of the bleed valve.
    • Adjustable control points of the pressure relief valve.
    • Simple, robust, long-term proven design.
    • Low-friction valve guide by means of large-dimension Teflon piston guide.
    • Available up to NW 350
  • Suction regulator KH1

    Suction regulator KH1

    Suction regulator with pneumatic control KH1 / KH1-Multi

    Special features of the controller KH1-multi

    • Further development of the proven suction controller type KP4.
    • Hydraulic control of the regulating element by means of lubricating oil pressure, optional control with control air.
    • Simple adjustment of the bypass cross-section.
    • Simple adaptation to different pressure ranges and delivery volumes.
    • Realization of a load-dependent delivery volume control (only version KK1-Multi).
    • Optional venting via external silencer or, for systems with aftercooler, internally closed venting circuit.
    • Easy-to-maintain, robust, compact design.
    • Variable adjustment of the venting function (forced venting for plant protection).
    • Available up to NW 350
  • Check valve

    Check valve

    DIENES check valves of the series are a supplement to the check valves of the RN or RS series.
    In this design, the valve plate is guided friction-free on a linkage system.
    This allows the use with oil-free media, as well as in pipelines in any installation position. Installation between flanges according to DIN 2501 PN6 / PN16.
    Available standard dimensions pipe diameter DN 65 – DN 250.
    We will be pleased to manufacture other sizes on request.

The picture is a graphic representation of the principle of a KH1 control.
Schematic diagram KH1 control
This diagram illustrates the principle of the KP 4 control.
Schematic diagram KP4 Control

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