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Rotary shear blades

Rotary shear blades of the DIENES group member Neuenkamp.

Rotary shear blades

As one of the DIENES Group members the company Neuenkamp is one of the leading specialists in the field of rotary shear blades. You can obtain them from forged tool steels, high-speed steels, Neuenkamp special materials and powder metallurgically produced high-performance steels. For the use of rotary shear blades an individual consultation is indispensable here.

Use of the rotary shear blades

Rotary shear blades are used for cutting metal strips. With them, unsurpassed cutting quality can be achieved due to non-contact cutting. The cutting material is separated here with the aid of a kerf. Two cutting edges, which are offset by a kerf and penetrate the material from different directions, cut through the material. The kerf is thus a decisive factor for the quality of the cut. It is determined in each case depending on the material to be cut and the thickness.

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Your advantages

  • Optimised cutting process
  • Improving product quality
  • Highest precision
  • No mechanical force
  • Optimum material utilisation
  • Great flexibility

Tolerance data

Standard tolerances from ± 0,001 µm
Ultra-precision tolerances from ± 0,0005 µm

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Slitter rewind knives can be used, among other things, in slitter rewinders. With the help of these, large unwieldy rolls of the production machine can be easily and quickly cut into smaller rolls. In combination with rotary shear blades, the highest cutting qualities are achieved.

Cutting materials

You know which material you are cutting, but you want to know more about the demands this material makes on the cutting tools and what you have to pay attention to during the cutting process? Benefit from DIENES know-how and learn more about the different cutting materials.