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Knife holder PQAS H and PQDS H

Technical data

Cutting width smaller than 25 mm
Web speed up to 70 m/min
A hot cutting knife holder type PQAS H and PQDS H has been developed for cutting synthetic fabrics.

Heat cut knife holder from DIENES

The knife holders PQAS H and PQDS H were developed by DIENES for cutting synthetic fabrics. During hot cutting, the material to be cut is separated by high temperatures of up to 750°C and at the same time the cutting edges are welded.

The knife holder PQAS H and PQDS H offers the following additional functions

Operating comfort

Use of the knife holders PQAS H and PQDS H

The preferred areas of application for the knife holder include technical textiles. When the hot cutting element is heated up to 750 °C, this relatively high temperature separates the respective material to be cut and simultaneously welds the cutting edges. Depending on the material qualities, cutting speeds of up to 70 m/min are possible.

Version for the heated cut

In addition to the PQAS/PQDS H hot cut holder, a modification of the PQAS for heated cutting is also available from DIENES. In this case, the material is not cut by a hot cutting element, but by a circular knife heated up to 70°. The PQAS BH is used for processing paper and plastic films coated or impregnated on both sides with adhesive (hot melt adhesive) for label and sticker production. In the case of the previous slitting methods (crush and shear cut), the adhesive coating sticks to the knife edges and leads to web breaks and poor cutting edges in the short term.

Knives with a diameter of up to 90 mm can be used for this design, with a maximum cutting speed of 300 m/min.

We suggest you come by with your cutting material or send it to us and we will test in our cutting laboratory whether the cutting process is optimally suited for your application. Our cutting experts know their stuff and will be happy to advise you.

More impressions

Heat cut: Crush cut knife holder with Quick Clamp on a bottom knife shaft
Knife holders for heat cut type PQAS H and PQDS H hava been developed for cutting synthetic fabrics.
The american PQAS H
Knife holder PQAS BH
The PQAS BH for heated cut

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The right slitting system

We would like to point out that DIENES can supply ready-to-connect slitting systems including electrical control and wiring, in addition to pneumatically operated hot knife holders and the required glass hard counter shafts. Our manufacturing program in this respect ranges from the manual positioning aid, the simplest version, to the fully automatic cutting width positioning system.

The special surface hardened shaft

A special surface-hardened shaft serves as a counter knife. Of course, we are able to manufacture these according to your specifications as solid or hollow shafts or rings.

As a surface finish, the production is available in ground, polish-ground and superfinish quality. For this we need the corresponding main dimensions, position dimensions of the keyways for the drive as well as the tolerance of the journals for the ball or plain bearing seats.