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Challenges in slitting battery foil?

Battery foils, i.e. coated and non-coated non-ferrous metal foils, are a key component of modern rechargeable batteries that form the basis of electromobility.

Precise and process-reliable slitting of these thin and sensitive materials poses a significant challenge. The quality of the cutting edge has a direct influence on the performance and reliability of the battery cells. DIENES sees itself as your partner to achieve the challenging requirements for slitting battery foils. Based on our many years of research and development work, as well as accumulated experience, we offer customized solutions for a wide range of applications.

The challenges:

  1. Sensitive materials: Battery foils, usually made of aluminium, copper or plastic, are very sensitive in many cases.
  2. Precision and tolerance: Maximum precision and tight tolerances are essential, as the slightest deviations in cutting quality can lead to undesirable electrical losses or short circuits.
  3. Versatile production requirements: The range of requirements for processing battery foils can be very broad and includes varying cutting widths, as well as process data acquisition including documentation.
  4. Dust and contamination: The slitting process can cause dust and impurities that are undesirable in a clean working environment.
  5. Wear and service life: Cutting tools must be durable and have a sufficient service life to ensure maximum availability of the production systems.
  6. Production speed: High production speeds are often necessary to fulfil market requirements.

Our solution:

DIENES has developed the electrically driven knife holder PSGs DF P DC especially for slitting battery foils. This offers you the following advantages:

  • The speed of each top knife can be adjusted individually
  • Minimum cutting widths of only 70 mm
  • Ideal machine availability due to individually changeable knives
  • Optimum cutting edge quality even with difficult web materials
  • Increased knife service life due to backlash-free, vibration-damping double-axis guide system
  • Suitable for high production speeds

Our solutions enable you to overcome the challenges of slitting battery foils while increasing the quality and efficiency of your production.