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Pneumatic controls

For applications in the chemical industry or in petrochemical plants, DIENES offers long-proven valves according to special specifications. These valves with special quality features are designed and manufactured according to the current standards and regulations tailored to the respective application. National/international standards such as API / NACE / DIN EN ISO 15156 are applied here.

  • Compressor control

    Compressor control

    The task of a compressor control system is to adapt the flow rate as precisely as possible to the changing withdrawal or accumulating quantity, because it is obvious that economical operation can only be guaranteed if only the actually required gas quantity is compressed at any one time.

    Furthermore, in many quantities the control system must still guarantee that the compressor is not or only slightly loaded when the machine set is started up, i.e. that it can be switched to complete idling.

    Thanks to the regulation devices developed by DIENES and specially designed for each application, our engineers are able to solve the tasks described above in an optimal way for all types of compressors and all possible applications.

    Available components:

    • Lift-off systems for all types of suction valves used
    • Actuators for actuation of the lift-off systems
    • Intermittent duty regulators for use with cylinder shutdowns
    • Pressure ratio controllers for use with pneumatic back pressure controls
  • Actuators


    A system of pneumatically operated DIENES actuators is available for the actuation of lift-off devices for capacity control of suction valves.

    These actuators can be single-acting, double-acting and, in case of planned use with flammable or toxic gases, can be provided with an additional leakage connection.

    The material selection is made according to the conditions of the compression process suitable for the medium at hand.

  • Intermittent controller ARK / ARH

    Intermittent controller ARK / ARH

    DIENES intermittent controllers type ARK are used for load idle control.

    Special feature:
    Both switching points, the upper one for idling and the lower one for load running, are variable, independently adjustable.

    • The ARK version is intended for the normal pressure range – 12 bar.
    • The ARH version is designed for the increased pressure range – 40 bar.
  • Pressure ratio controller

    Pressure ratio controller

    DV-N / DV-P

    DIENES pressure ratio controllers with pneumatic control are used for capacity control of compressors when electronic control is not possible.
    These regulators can be used for oil-flooded rotary compressors or for control of reciprocating compressors.

    DIENES pressure ratio controllers are connected upstream of suction regulators and pneumatic control cylinders on throttle valves or pneumatically actuated actuators in the control of reciprocating compressors.
    They continuously regulate the intake volume as a function of the final pressure,
    positive-proportional (DV-P controller) or
    negative-proportional (DV-N regulator).

    The operating pressure is infinitely variable from the outside.

    Special feature:

    • Sturdy, distortion-proof brass housing.

Performance optimization through maintenance and repair

The performance and efficiency of valves can be improved and optimized with various tools. For OEM customers as well as for new developments and compressor optimizations, we offer a comprehensive service for this purpose.


Mit Hilfe einer Computer Simulation kann bei DIENES eine Ventilberechnung durchgeführt werden, die zur Ventil-Optimierung beiträgt. Hier sind zwei Grafiken einer Strömungsanalyse zu sehen, die bei DIENES zur Ventil-Optimierung durchgeführt wird.

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