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Knife holder PQA DF

Technical data

Slit width from 50 mm (optional from 30 mm)
Knife diameter 150 mm (optional 130 mm)
Web speed up to 1100 m/min
The DIENES knife holder PQA DF.

Crush cut knife holder from DIENES

The PQA DF knife holder meets the demand for a small overall width with the greatest possible stability even at high cutting speeds. The outstanding feature is the low-backlash, vibration-damping vertical guide of the cutter head.

The knife holder PQA DF offers the following additional functions

Operating comfort

Use of the knife holder PQA DF

The small width and maximum stability even at high cutting speeds as well as the low-backlash, vibration-damping vertical guide of the cutter head contribute to the fact that cutting can be done well and flexibly.

The PQA DF can be used for cutting nonwoven and textile, rubber, adhesive tape and labels as well as carbon, fiberglass and composites. Optionally, a version for a cutting width of 30 mm with a 130 blade diameter is also available. In this version, the maximum cutting speed is 600 m/min.

For special applications, the PQA DF is also available in an Ultimate version with depth adjustment or with micrometer depth adjustment.

If you are interested in our knife holders, please contact our experts. They can advise you on which knife holder with which features is best suited for your production.

Your advantages

  • Designed for higher cutting speeds
  • Applicable under difficult production conditions
  • With standard depth adjustment 0.15 mm grid, special solution: High-precision, adjustable depth adjustment for cracks (micro-depth adjustment)
  • Due to the vertical stroke also suitable for thick / voluminous material to be cut
  • Can be used with various crushing, perforating and profiling knives
  • Maximum vertical force due to optimized piston area
  • Scaling 0.15 mm, special solution 0.02
  • Available for all common machines
Cover PQA DF 50


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