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Additional option: Quick Clamp

DIENES knife holder PQDS with Quick Clamp

Quick Clamp with DIENES

With the handy additional function “Quick Clamp”, knife holders on longitudinal cutting machines are quickly and easily fixed, interchanged and positioned. It is also known as the quick clamp system. The additional function is available for crush cut and razor blade knife holders as well as for shear cut knife holders. It fits on any crossbar and ensures infinitely variable clamping force.

We would be happy to retrofit your existing knife holders with the quick-clamping system, if possible. Contact us for further details.

Use of Quick Clamp

The fastening lever is opened with a flick of the wrist, the knife holder is positioned on the crossbar according to the cutting width specifications and the lever is closed again. The knife holder is immediately fixed securely and precisely.

Moreover, no fastening tool is required. Its quick-release mechanism eliminates sideways movements and the loosening of the holder during the cutting process and guarantees optimum cutting quality with a high level of operating comfort.

For shear-cut knife holders with linear guide systems, the quick-clamping system is used to detach or dock the respective knife holder from the adapter without tools. This measure is taken when replacing the knives or when repairing and maintaining the knife holder. The complete adapter remains on the crossbar. The quick release replaces the fixation of the crush knife holder on the crossbar with a slotted screw.

So funktioniert’s

Swing the holder with opened handle from below onto the dovetail rail
Ensure right-angled alignment and close the Quick Clamp
The Quick Clamp engages perceptibly

This is how it works


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Video laden

This video shows shear blade holders of the type PSGs DF 50 with the LED depth adjustment Senso Control on linear adapters with clamping levers. This is not the classic Quick Clamp of a crush knife holder.


  • Ideal supplement for cutting systems
  • Suitable for crush and razor blade cutting as well as scissor cutting
  • Right-angled clamping of the holders
  • Minimum set-up time
  • Tool-free format change / knife holder change
  • Safe, fast, retrofittable and precise

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The crush cut cutting cassette

With the DIENES cutting cassette, cutting widths from 4 mm are possible. When changing the cutting width, it is only necessary to replace the cassettes – no problem with Quick Clamp.

Which knife holder suits me?

Whether shear-cut, crush-cut, burst-cut/razor-cut knife holder or hot-cut holder, whether from the Premium, Elite or Ultimate series – they all convince with the most precise knife guidance, long service life, simple operation and secure hold in daily use.

Technical support

We are your contact for general questions and are happy to help you in all areas relating to knives, knife holders, slitting systems and valves for industrial applications. For all questions and further details on our technical service, please contact us personally.