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Goebel U20 winder modernization project – an interview with our project manager Cherry Josey

The rebuilding project for the modernization of Carl Macher's Goebel U20 machine was led by our project manager Mr. Cherry Josey, who is responsible for slitting systems and retrofit projects at Dienes Werke.

With the DIENES technicians and the technicians from Carl Macher, the large project was implemented in teamwork. We are particularly proud of the successful cooperation and the completed installation of the slitting system within only 48 hours of machine downtime. In the following interview, Mr. Josey shares his experience regarding the project.

Mr. Josey, as project manager you played a key role in the rebuilding of the Goebel winder U20. What technical advantages did Carl Macher gain from this retrofit?

The modernization of the Goebel U20 winder brought Carl Macher up to date with the latest technology, this offers higher cutting speeds with better safety conditions as well as the increase in productivity of the line. With the new slitting system, for example, it is possible to cut strips with a minimum width of 60 mm at a remarkable speed of 2,000 m/min. In addition, the slitting system has a simultaneous positioning of the top knives, so for the insertion of the material, the knife holders can be moved into the parking area within seconds, this contributes significantly to the safety of the personnel. The slitting system has a memory for different slitting recipes; with the help of the recipes, the system can be set to a different slitting width in just a few seconds. The technical optimization of the system has enabled Carl Macher to ramp up production capacity and increase its profitability.

Did you experience any highlights or special moments during this project?

The project was accompanied by the skepticism of individuals from the very beginning. It was doubted that the desired slitting system could be implemented in the existing narrow Goebel U20 winder and at the same time meet the requirements of producing narrow cuts at high speeds. However, we accepted the challenge and successfully managed to meet it. In this way, we are setting new standards in the field of retrofits.

Another highlight for me was that the new slitting system could be installed within the specified time of 48 hours. This was only possible thanks to the commitment and passion of the entire team. Not only our DIENES technicians, who arrived with a whole team, but also the employees of Carl Macher actively helped with the installation. This excellent cooperation is crucial for the success of such a project. I am really very grateful to be part of such a team.

Thank you Cherry Josey for the insights into this outstanding project. For more information on the Carl Macher remodeling project, please visit our website under Success Stories.

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