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Knife holder PSG DF BOX

Technical data

Slit width from 145 mm
Knife diameter 180 mm / 200mm / 220 mm
Web speed up to 2600 m/min (depending on the knife diameter)
View of the front and back of the DIENES knife holder PSG DF Box.

Shear cut knife holder from DIENES

The PSG DF BOX knife holder is the premium version that embodies decades of experience in knife holder manufacturing. This knife holder takes the top position technologically. As bestseller in the premium segment, it is the counterpart to our elite knife holder DS 8, which pays for itself with its more elaborate equipment.

The PSG DF BOX knife holder offers the following additional functions

Use of the knife holder PSG DF BOX

This shear cut knife holder is used in both winders and cross cutters and wherever it is necessary to ensure the highest cutting edge quality even under rough operating conditions. A multitude of cutting technology developments have gone into this robust holder design. Features that drastically reduce set-up times and add great value to the ease of use of all knife holders is the linear guide.

The PSG DF BOX knife holder with a cutting width of 145/150 mm was specially developed for cutting single-ply and multi-ply paper. Due to its vibration-damping guide system and the backlash-free vertical and horizontal guidance of the cutter head, the PSG DF is ideally suited for even the most difficult cutting tasks.

Version with CSL-Technology

In this version the knife holder is characterized in particular by the patented vertical guidance of the cutting head, supplemented by a precise knife depth adjustment and the sensitive Constant Sideload Technology (CSL), which extends the knife service life. The integrated positioning aid also allows the knife holder to be manually positioned in the correct cutting position in seconds. All individual systems do not only contribute to low-dust but also reproducible cuts. Whereas the limit for longitudinal cutting speeds used to be approx. 2500 to 2700 m/min, DIENES has now succeeded for the first time in using a knife holder with corresponding cutting tools successfully up to 3500 m cutting speed.

Our cutting experts will be happy to advise you. We also welcome you to visit our cutting lab at any time and work with you to find out which features are right for your application.

Your advantages

  • Reproducible knife setting forces that can be adapted to the cutting material
  • Sturdy construction for robust applications
  • Vibration damping guide systems
  • Backlash-free vertical and horizontal guidance of cutter head
  • Also ideally suited for difficult cutting tasks
  • Optional features can be retrofitted

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The right depth adjustment

The DIENES PSG DF offers a manual safety depth adjustment – an inexpensive and simple solution for overlap depth adjustment. A simple turn of the manual depth adjustment is all that is required. When the pre-adjusted overlap depth is reached, a visual signal is given, indicating the optimum knife setting to the operating personnel.

The high-tech counterpart: the DS 8

Our Elite knife holder DS 8 is the counterpart to the premium knife holder PSG DF 145. In contrast to the PSG DF 145, it has an aluminium body and can be equipped with additional functions. Learn more about the DS 8 here.