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Test the Best - knife tests according to DIENES standards

Service & Analysis at DIENES

Individual cutting optimization to increase quality and efficiency

The quality standards for DIENES products have always been extremely high. As early as 1922, company founder Karl Rudolf Dienes emphasized: “DIENES products must be so good that they sell themselves.” A statement that is still valid at DIENES today and that we live up to with “Test the Best”. Perhaps it is this self-image for quality that has made us so successful for more than 100 years. Today, many of our quality- and cost-conscious customers want to know more precisely what lies behind this success. In discussions with customers, we hear questions like these more and more often:

  • “What actually makes a good knife – at first glance, all knives look the same?”
  • “How comes that DIENES knives significantly improve cut quality and significantly increase knife life?”

These are the kinds of questions that prompted us to launch the service “Test the Best”. Here you will learn first-hand from our cutting professionals what is important for knives, which steels, alloys and special materials are used at DIENES, what the secrets are in the thermal processes and how DIENES is constantly developing its products. You will benefit in a very practical way from our “Test the Best” service. For this purpose, our experts will put together an individual package for you. The use of our knives and knife holders in direct comparison with your products on site under real operating conditions enables you to make a meaningful analysis of cutting quality and service life. Together, we can optimize your production process in a targeted manner and make it more economical at manageable costs.

Your advantages

  • Feedback on your knives from experts
  • Direct comparison between the previous and modified knives
  • Joint analysis and coordination with our experts
  • Optimization of work processes and better cutting results


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Das Bild zeigt einen Maschinenbediener eines zufriedenen Kunden, der durch
Through “Test the Best” we were able to test DIENES products at our site and under our operating conditions.
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Convince yourself

DIENES Quality

Not all knives are the same. Even if it is not always obvious, the various knives differ greatly from each other, especially with regard to their quality. DIENES knives meet the highest quality standards and convince in use with long service lives and optimal cutting results.

Die Messerqualität ist entscheidend für ein optimales Schneidergebniss. Neben der Herstellung ist auch die Pflege der Messer und somit das Nachschleifen ein wichtiger Faktor. Flaches Obermesser von DIENES

Success Stories with DIENES

You are not the first to want to improve cutting results and optimize work processes with our help. The stories of Papierfabrik Palm GmbH & Co. KG and Carl Macher Hülsenpapiere show the results of a successful cooperation.

Sicherheitsfangrille für Hartemetall- und Keramikmesser von DIENES. Die Erfolgsgeschichten der Papierfabrik Palm GmbH & Co. KG und der Carl Macher Hülsenpapiere sprechen für sich.