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They are called slitting machines, winders, rewinders or slitters. No matter what they are called, the main task of slitters is to cut narrower and shorter rolls from large unwieldy rolls of the production machine. If necessary, these rolls are in turn cut into so-called format rolls. These machines are specially designed for paper, cardboard, films, security and copying paper or even tissue and converting plants. For example, tissue is then later turned into toilet paper, kitchen towels, cosmetic tissues, napkins or handkerchiefs.

DIENES know-how

DIENES slitting tools enable you to improve the slitting results of your products and make them more economically efficient. Our experts are familiar with slitters and will be happy to advise you.


Winders are now increasingly equipped with automatic positioning aids for the slitting tools. As an alternative to the complete replacement of existing slitting machines and the corresponding investment, the modernization of an existing system can also increase productivity enormously and improve quality at the same time. Often, this results in significantly lower costs and shorter downtimes than a new acquisition. As many successful examples show, it does not always have to be the fully automatic solution.  Semi-automatic or even purely manual solutions often bring major time and cost savings.

There is also winders, which are particularly suitable for narrow-web applications, for example in the converting sector. This kind of slitter can cut strips as thin as 10 mm.

Typical customers include Jagenberg, Metso, Valmet, Voith, Beloit, Tetra Pak, SIG and Elocoat.

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Wenn es um Innovationen geht ist DIENES ganz vorne mit dabei, denn hier erfolgt Innovation aus Tradition.

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In addition to the large standard programme, DIENES develops individual knives and configurations for the respective area of application with customers worldwide.

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